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11-27-2011 Bring the Christmas Decorations out of Storage

If you were one of the folks who had the foresight to store their Christmas decorations in climate controlled storage after last Holiday season, you can easily retrieve them and get them set up. You have not spent the last 11 months tripping over them and moving them around when you needed something else in [...]

11-15-2011 Storage Units are Cleaner than Ever

We have made a special effort to increase, in a sustainable way, the already very clean standard we have for our facilities. If you tour our storage units now, I believe that you will notice an even cleaner feel. We think this is important in the storage business, especially in the climate controlled side of [...]

10-28-2011 Cardinals a True Missouri Gem

As the fall classic comes to an end tonight we will all be watching and pulling for the Cards. Now that I think about it, they should play those St. Louis games in Bast Storage's climate controlled storage building where the temperature never changes. I suspect the hard core fans would not choose to do [...]

10-19-2011 Heating Up Climate Controlled Storage Units

We have enjoyed quite an Indian Summer in west central Missouri, but it appears to have ended now. Temperatures are dropping into the 30's at night and the leaves are changing and falling. Funny how things are still the same inside of Bast Storage's facilities: clean, pest-free, well-lit, and steady temperature. Come be a part [...]

10-10-11 Loading Docks to get to Storage Units

As great as the many features of our climate controlled storage units might be, one of the ones that we get the most compliments on is our variety to loading docks. This allows different customers to more easily access units through loading docks that are complimentary to their transportation choices. We can give clients access [...]

9-25-2011 Fall Cleaning at Your House or Business

If the annual cleaning has you wondering where you might store all of the things that are important to you or your business, but that are not needed daily, please come see us. Our fall cleaning has spiffed up the place even more than usual and we are ready for you and you valuables. It [...]

9-16-2011 Cleanliness’ Importance in Climate Controlled Storage

Unlike when people store their cars or boats in outside storage units, climate controlled storage units traditionally store things that reside in people's homes when they are in use. Consequently, these items need to be stored where the environment is clean. At Bast Storage, we have committed to doubling our efforts in keeping our facilities [...]

9-8-2011 Testimonials Best Advertising for Our Facility

I was showing some potential clients a couple of different size storage units today when we came across one of our commercial clients who was loading out some product as he does every day. Our commercial client asked these folks if they were looking at renting a storage room and they said that they were. [...]

8-24-2011 Really? Mid MO Weather is Crazy

So the State Fair has come and gone and we enjoyed some of the best Fair weather we have had in years - high temperatures in the 80's, nights pleasant. Yet, now we are back to triple digit temperatures today. This is why climate controlled storage rocks. I say it all of the time on [...]

8-14-2011 MO State Fair in Sedalia Means Hot Weather

Normally, when the Missouri State Fair comes to town, Sedalians can count on the weather turning off nasty hot. This year, however, the weather has cooled for the Fair. Bast Storage hopes everyone has a fun and safe time at the Fair. Come see us after the Fair and find that perfect storage room for [...]