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2-25-2011 Winter Will End Sometime. It Always Does

Mid Missouri has had about all of the winter we really care to have. Snow came again last night to the tune of about 2". Spring will come. It always does. Even when it does you will be better off having your worldly possessions stored properly - in climate controlled storage. Please come see us [...]

2-16-2011 Our Climate Controlled Self Storage Units in Sedalia, MO are Steady

Last week it was 17 degrees as a high temperature in Sedalia, Missouri. Today it is going to be 60 degrees. Regardless, it has been about 70 degrees the entire time inside Bast Storage's facilities. Can you dig what I mean?

1-31-2011 Big Winter Storms Show Climate Needs Controlling

As yet another big winter storm bears down on Central Missouri, we are reminded of the need for climate controlled storage. If your treasured possessions were being stored in non-climate controlled units during these time, you would be sorely disappointed with what you found come spring. Come see us. We do this better than anyone [...]

1-10-2011 Climate Controlled Storage is Spot On

Snow is dropping like crazy in Sedalia, but the temperature in Bast Storage, as you might have suspected, is not moving.

12-10-2010 Insurance Folks Believe in Climate Controlled Storage

Thumbing through some light reading lately, it came to my attention that the folks in the insurance business understanding the positives behind climate controlled storage.

11-26-2010 Thankful for Climate Controlled Storage

Is having climate controlled storage available to us as a resource worthy of something for which we should be thankful?

11-10-2010 Humidity … It is a Changin’ Outdoors

All of the humidity that the possessions of those people that store their goods outside soaked up all summer long is now about to be dried out in a nasty fashion.

10-21-2010 Temperature is Everything in Storage

Most people in our business believe that all they have to do is keep their climate controlled facilities' temperature below 85 degrees in the summer and above 45 degrees in the winter.

10-4-2010 We Have the Perfect Sized Storage Unit

It is almost impossible to not be able to find the exact right size storage room (we call them rooms as they are like a room in your house) at Bast Storage.

9-22-2010 Lowest Prices for Climate Controlled Storage

Along with being the leader in climate controlled storage quality, our prices are truly unbeatable.