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9-1-2010 Humidity Change is Part of the Outside Climate

It is this time of year that the weather begins to change normal temperatures.

8-18-2010 Missouri State Fair Weather Begs for Bast Storage

When the Fair rolls into town in Sedalia one can usually count on the weather being such that, if your priceless possessions are not stored in climate controlled storage units, you might want to reconsider!

8-18-2010 Missouri State Fair Weather Begs for Bast Storage

With the Missouri State Fair in town I am reminded of so many years when the weather has been its hottest during this time of the summer.

7-21-2010 Ingress Egress Better at Bast Storage

Have have taken particular care in making sure that we have different levels of access to the storage areas at Bast.

7-8-2010 Central Missouri Humidity No Match for Bast Storage

This time of year the humidity begins to crank up in west central Missouri, and outside is no place to be some days.

6-24-2010 Storage Unit Size Matters

Having 60 something different sizes of climate controlled storage rooms at Bast Storage has been such an advantage to our customer.

6-4-2010 Climate is Sweet in Bast Storage

Just came back from a trip around all three of our facilities, and I am constantly in awe of the way it feels walking through the hallways - particularly this time of year when the heat and humidity really builds on sunny days.

5-19-2010 Talk to Noah About a Flood (in Sedalia!)

It has not flooded in Sedalia, but it rained enough to have done so.

4-19-2010 Businesses Love Climate Controlled Storage

We are finding that businesses really like the climate controlled feature of our storage.

4-8-2010 Storage Facilities Need Pest Control

This is the time of the year that brings to light the need for pest control at all storage facilities.