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Climate Controlled Self Storage In Sedalia Missouri

Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Sizes and Prices in Sedalia, Missouri

At Bast Storage, we take pride in providing our customers with affordable, clean, secure and pest free climate controlled Self Storage Units in Sedalia, Missouri. Please take a look at our Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Sizes and Prices here: Or Please give us a phone call at 660-826-1919 and we will be more [...]

6-12-2013 Spring Fever Means Demand for Storage

We finally have found some warmer weather and with it we have seen an increase in traffic into Bast Storage. It is as if the cool spring kept people from feeling the normal restlessness to clean, move, reorganize this year. Now that Mother Nature has given us all our cue, please come see us at [...]

6-4-2013 Some Day Summer Weather Will Come

All of us in the storage business (particularly the climate controlled storage business) like the fact the weather has been so mild as it cuts down on the amount of heat and air conditioning that needs to run. But we all know what is coming to this part of Missouri in the very near future [...]

4-18-2013 Sedalia Spring Weather Demands Climate Controlled Storage

Spring weather can be dicey in most places, but it is especially so this year, and many years, in Sedalia and throughout west central MO. The more variable the climate, the more you really have to concentrate on controlling it for the stuff that you put in storage. We do all of that for you [...]

4-10-2013 Storage and Bugs Do Not Mix

Bugs think climate controlled storage is nice, too. However, we see to it that they are not allowed to stay. We spend a great deal of time and money making sure that our facilities are pest-free. Because of that, your valuables do not run the risk that they would in an outdoor facility or in [...]

3-20-2013 Spring Has People Moving and Needing Storage

Even though the weather does not seem to agree, it is now spring and even before it became spring officially people were stirring. We have been seeing an increase in traffic from individuals, businesses, everyone. Because we have clearly the most professional facilities, it is easy for us to satisfy the needs of all types [...]

3-6-2013 Calling All Boat, RV, Camper, etc. Owners

Not sure that folks know, but we have inside parking spaces for boats, RV's, trailers, extra cars, etc. After all of the snow that we have had this winter, I am reminded that not all parking spaces are created equal! Knowing that we will likely have blazing sun this summer that will scorch and beach [...]

2/18/2013 The Benefits of Different Sizes

One thing that may deter people from renting a self-storage unit is the belief that all units are the same size. Indeed, if you were to drive past a storage facility you may find that all the unit doors appear uniform. If you have surplus to storage but feel you may spend too much on [...]

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2/6/2013 Advantages to Climate Controlled Storage

Because most climate controlled storage units are located indoors, there is less chance of outside vermin and pests infiltrating them. Damaging insects such as termites are kept at bay through concrete and metal construction. Unregulated units may become susceptible to outdoor pests such as bees, wasps or mice if not inspected regularly. Many renters believe [...]

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1/11/2013 TGIF for Climate Controlled Storage in Sedalia, Missouri

Well it's Friday and we hope everyone has a great weekend! If you find yourself overrun with household item's and need a dry, climate controlled unit to store them in, look us up! We have several units available at affordable monthly prices!

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