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Climate Controlled Self Storage In Sedalia Missouri

6-6-2012 Time for Climate Controlled Storage

June reminds us all that summer in central Missouri is when climate controlled storage becomes a must. The humidity coupled with the heat is miserably destructive to wood, fabrics, papers, etc. Come see us, please. You will find that taking care of those things you deem worth saving is not nearly as expensive as you [...]

5-16-2012 All Sizes of Units Available

Please know that we have every imaginable size of storage space available and they are all climate controlled. If you want something the size of a small closet, we have it. If you want something the size of a small warehouse out of which to run your business, we have it. Come see us and [...]

5-9-2012 Spring Cleaning Demands Extra Storage Space

As we all begin the annual rite of spring - spring cleaning - it is the time that we realize that these things need to be stored for future use, not thrown away as if they were trash. Please consider coming to Bast Storage and allowing us to find you the exact right size storage [...]

4-18-2012 Control the Climate Always

All of this rain of late is really just an inordinate amount of humidity. Humidity is the enemy of stored possessions. Bast Storage reduces the humidity that can be absorbed by your stored possessions by constantly controlling the climate in our inside storage units (we call them rooms because they are just like rooms in [...]

4-4-2012 Bast Storage New Web Site is Coming

We are in the process of updating our web site for a new and improved look. We will be featuring new information and pictures of our climate controlled facilities as well as talking about the boat, RV, car, etc. storage that is coming as well. Please keep checking Should be up by the end [...]

3-28-2012 Mid Missouri and Pettis County Bugs

With the mild winter we have had this year, the old-timers tell me the bugs "is gonna be bad." Not so much at Bast Storage, however. We do such a thorough job with pest control that bugs are never an issue inside our buildings. We believe this is part of controlling the climate. Bugs want [...]

3-21-2012 Climate Controlled Storage @ Bast Means Less Humidity

When spring rains bring humidity levels up, remember that having your valued possessions in our climate-controlled storage units can save the day. If the wood, cloth, or other material is allowed to absorb the moisture from the air, it accelerates the process of destroying the material. Come check out our facilities in Sedalia. It is [...]

3-6-2012 Wind is Part of the Climate and Should be Controlled

Wind is whipping around at gusts ranging in the 30 mph range today and I am reminded that, when you place you valuable possessions in storage units that are in fact sitting outside, this sort of wind blows dirt and dust all over everything in the unit. This does not happen with our climate controlled [...]

2-15-2012 Climate Controlled is All About the Temperature

Please remember that, with climate controlled storage or with outside covered storage, it is all about the temperature. Obviously, if you choose to store in outside, covered storage you simply have to take whatever temperature Mother Nature delivers. What most folks do not know is that, for most facilities that claim to be climate controlled, [...]

2-10-2012 Boat, RV, Extra Car, Trailer Storage is Coming

It is with greater certainty every day that I know we will be offering Sedalia's best storage for RV's, trailered boats, extra cars, etc. We are currently crafting plans for inside space that is hugely secure and keep your investment out of the weather. It will not be our typical climate controlled offering, but for [...]