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Climate Controlled Self Storage In Sedalia Missouri

2-1-2012 1/12 of the Year Already Behind Us

Crazy to think it, but 1/12 of 2012 is gone. If you were planning on getting organized this year, get busy you. Climate controlled storage is your friend and we have just the right sized unit to make it happen. Come see us while the weather is still good.

1-23-2012 New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

If it is one of your New Year's resolutions to get organized during 2012, let Bast Storage help you with the storage space to do so. For such a reasonable amount, you can create the space you need in your home by renting a storage unit that is exactly the correct size for you. Most [...]

1-13-2012 Businesses Love Climate Controlled Storage

Our business clients really seem to love using climate controlled storage for their needs. We can accommodate needs ranging from 50 sq. ft. up to multiple thousands of square feet. The beauty is that they have 24/7 access, dock high doors, and deep security. Their products, records, etc. stay safe and are easily accessible. Very [...]

1-6-2012 Better Weather in New Year Still Needs Climate Controlled Storage

This weather is more like the kind of weather that I want for the new year. I know that it won't last, but it is a great time to gather those things that you wish to keep but do not need in the home presently. Bring them down to Bast Storage. We have all kinds [...]

12-29-2011 Make Room for Christmas Gifts by Getting a Storage Unit

Just because you received a new set of golf shoes or new clothes does not mean that the previous ones are not worthy of being kept. If you are out of storage room in your house, fear not. Come see us and we will find the perfect size storage room or unit for what you [...]

12-9-2011 Security Has Been Upgraded for all of Our Storage Units

We have completely upgraded the security system at Bast Storage in an effort to provide the highest level of security possible. If you have not come by and picked up your new pass card (there is no charge), please do so. The old cards do not work any longer. We appreciate everyone's understanding as we [...]

11-27-2011 Bring the Christmas Decorations out of Storage

If you were one of the folks who had the foresight to store their Christmas decorations in climate controlled storage after last Holiday season, you can easily retrieve them and get them set up. You have not spent the last 11 months tripping over them and moving them around when you needed something else in [...]

11-15-2011 Storage Units are Cleaner than Ever

We have made a special effort to increase, in a sustainable way, the already very clean standard we have for our facilities. If you tour our storage units now, I believe that you will notice an even cleaner feel. We think this is important in the storage business, especially in the climate controlled side of [...]

10-28-2011 Cardinals a True Missouri Gem

As the fall classic comes to an end tonight we will all be watching and pulling for the Cards. Now that I think about it, they should play those St. Louis games in Bast Storage's climate controlled storage building where the temperature never changes. I suspect the hard core fans would not choose to do [...]

10-19-2011 Heating Up Climate Controlled Storage Units

We have enjoyed quite an Indian Summer in west central Missouri, but it appears to have ended now. Temperatures are dropping into the 30's at night and the leaves are changing and falling. Funny how things are still the same inside of Bast Storage's facilities: clean, pest-free, well-lit, and steady temperature. Come be a part [...]